Watercolour Views

It is a daunting task to begin writing this watercolour blog, as I had never put myself out there in a public way about my joys, trials, doubts and accomplishments with this medium.  I’ve always considered myself to be a very amateur painter and would never consider myself to be an ‘artist’.  So today is that day that I begin doing just that, whether someone else agrees or not.

I began this journey into watercolour discovery about eight years ago.  My first class was with a chatty, patient, free from expectations teacher.  I loved it!  I went to class not having a clue what painting with watercolour meant.  I had never been taught any type of art in school, myself nor my family were not ‘natural’ in their attempts to create art, so therefore it was as foreign to me as being on another planet.

All my life I enjoyed all types of creative spirit in others, whether it was paintings, sculptures,  or crafts, and that’s as far as it went.  Then a few years before I retired I felt a sudden urge to find out if I could paint if I was taught, and lo and behold, I could – somewhat!  It’s been a journey with ups and downs, doubts and joys, but I continue to plug along because there’s just something about having that brush in your hand and creating with your eyes, your brain, your hands.  The finished product is always a wonder!!  

Today I will show you my very first attempt in class that happened 8 years ago, we will go on from there and catch up to today in a few other blogs.   It was a class to demonstrate shading using monotone!!  I was hooked!

Painting #1 Nov Dec  2005 050 (Large)